Friday, February 1, 2013

Undo and Redo

My life has been in an uproar
and the way I deal with stress is...
  change, change and more change!
But the kind of change I love!
Since I have gotten all the new I am allowed to get....
I needed to see how to redo the old.

So, I began to look around my house and
 see what I could find to do different.

Notice the hutch in the back ground....
This picture is from an earlier post.....  Drop Ins
and a  picture of the hutch  in the post of Precious
I found what I was going to make different....
   I needed to change it up in my 'nest'
and change it up I did!
I took the top off of the hutch.....
and added a lamp.
Then, I  brought in a picture and shelf......
added a plaque from my family room....
 an H from my living room....
and the red berries off the dining room table.....
and Wah Lah!!!!
Change I love!
and from the front door angle......
I felt moving furniture around is a better change

than some other things I could have chosen to change.
Well, my weight is one thing I would like to change,
but the furniture was easier!

Besides, it was all free and made me 'change' happy.
My life is getting ready to change more...
and the new change is not going to be as fun!
But that is for another day....


  1. It looks very pretty...funny how just moving a pic or a piece of furniture can give us a whole new perspective :)

    1. I so agree, it is truly funny, but not in a haha kind of way. and thank you.


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