Saturday, February 16, 2013

Can You Relate???

I began this blog for myself and for others....
to see that we each can go through similar circumstances,
and not have to feel alone.
But I really need to share here,
right now I am feeling like no one else is experiencing
what I have experienced.
Please share with me your thoughts.
my precious, playing Bubba Willie Nelson, during our community Valentine's Banquet,
( I know, poor quality, but had to share)
Bubba and his rappin' white boys!!!
Can anyone relate???
Does anyone feel my pain????
Or are you laughing as all the others do, including myself???
Tell me!  Be Honest!!! Can you relate??
He brings life to our community, and I am proud of him.
But for me,  this is truly the man!
My Best Friend and the Love of my Life!
Happy Belated Valentine's Day


  1. You are a VERY lucky not to mention BLESSED lady! Love you both!!


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