Sunday, October 14, 2012


I don't think there is anything sweeter than

when your kids are willing to create something for you so you don't have to.

My precious Cindy (my 'adopted' child), and my man child Caleb

grated, mixed and created the homemade laundry soap for me.

So I wanted to share their hard work with you......

These are the ingredients:  2 boxes of baking soda,  1 box of borax,  1 container of oxi clean laundry

 whitener, 6 bars (grated) of fels-naptha bar soap, 1 box of washing soda, and Purex Scent Crystals.

It was hilarious watching the two of them grate the bars of fels-naptha...

Okay.... so maybe Caleb grated the bars and Cindy and I just watched!!

After grating the bars,  they poured the gratings into a large bag.....

And added the rest of the ingredients.......

Then shakefluff, or roll the bag to mix the ingredients.....

Just make sure your bag is thicker than our was or you will have a mess....

as we did......

We then proceeded to triple bag it and continue mixing..........

After the kids mixed it together,

they put it into a beautiful container that Cindy picked out for me...

Isn't it gorgeous!!!! 

Even if you don't make your own homemade soap, 

this will be pretty on your washer or beside it with regular detergent in it.

I have some pretty special kids......  that do pretty special things.......  so I will

work at continuing share what they do...... because they are precious to me...



  1. Anything for you! Love you!

  2. How much did all the ingredients cost? Anxious to see how it works.

    1. Including the jar, the ingredients cost 45.00. It is to be enough to last us for over 6 months. You only use 1 tbsp per load unless it is a large load and then you use 2. The scoop is a 2 tbsp scoop, so we only use one half of it. Also, you don't have to put in the fragrance, and it will be more hypo allergenic.

  3. That is the question that I had, Sonja. How much do you have to use per load?

    1. I replied on Sonja's post. you only need to use 1 tablespoon per load unles it is extra large and then use 2. Dolly, it will probably , for sure, last you a year.

  4. I make the liquid and it seems to be a lot cheaper and go TONS further. I make soap a year ago and am just now using my last gallon. I do 8 loads of laundry a week. The dry is MUCH nicer to store though since you don't have gallons of detergent everywhere!

  5. I have used the liquid and I like it, but as you said, I prefer the dry for storage. Because.... I do not want 'gallons of detergent everywhere' haha :)


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