Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Duct Tape and Pumpkins!

My oldest daughter lives in the big city of Columbus,
She is a city-slicker!

So I wanted to make her a dignified pumpkin...
You can have carved pumpkins.....
Painted pumpkins.....
and.... glittered pumpkins

But she needed something... hmmm... city-fied!
So of course, I picked out duct tape (for my dignified pumpkin)....
and a matching duct sheet.
I cut out a letter C, for her name, and outlined it with a black sharpie.
Then, I made my strip of duct tape narrower
 and placed it around the bottom of the pumpkin.
Next, I  put on the letter C,
And made a black and orange bow to put on top.
Now, my city slicker child has a pumpkin worthy of Columbus.
There are soooo many different things that can be done to pumpkins.
I want to try drilling the holes in one so the candle light shines out.
What are some of your thoughts?
Let me know what you have tried.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dollar Store Glitz

Add Dollar Store Pumpkin, glitter, glue and an ADD person.....
and what do you get.....
a glitter pumpkin.
My precious friend, Cindy,
the one who helped my son make my laundry detergent,
came over and we decorated pumpkins with glitter.
The only problem is I am ADD
Most of the time, I concentrate, work slowly and methodically.
But today.....  I don't know what happened.
 Cindy carefully places the glue on her pumpkin...
And I just globbed mine on....
I had so much glue on mine...  it was still wet this morning.
But it was fun!
After we decorated the real pumpkins,
we decorated our Dollar Store Pumpkins, with Dollar Store glitter.
Again,  Cindy carefully places her glue, and only uses a single color...
And I just globbed mine on... and mixed all the colors.
And.... It was fun.
We then celebrated with Chocolate Cake.
Yum! Yum!!
And this was definitely fun!
My Dollar Store Pumpkin, and my glittery results.
Cindy's Dollar Store Pumpkin, and her glittery results

No Matter your personality, no matter your decorating style

Come together and Have fun!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Always Remember, Never Forget

12 years has come and gone, but the hurt and memories linger...

May we never forget those who have lost...

 Those that sacrifice for others.....

 (my brother and nephew participating in a 'Walk to Remember')
 those that are still hurting...

 (Prayers offered by our first responders)
and families that are still trying to make sense of what happened.
 May we always remember
those that Give of themselves and their lives...

Whether on American soil, or on foreign soil.

We have our freedom, because they give up theirs.

We live with our families... because they give up theirs.

Terrorist came to destroy,  but our country drew together,
and is working to rebuild.
May we never forget why...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What is important

You just never know when life can spin out of control,
and the unexpected happens.
  My Dad was rushed to the hospital with the main artery in his leg completely blocked.
  While the Doctor worked to save his leg and foot, our family drew together.
 Through heart failure, hallucinations, excruciating pain and uncertainty...
our family was a constant.
 If for some reason your family is not this way....
 Figure out what it will take to make it that way.
 And do your best.
 Don't hold grudges,
 be willing to forgive,
And let things go.
Life is too short.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome Home

My Mother has two sons-in-laws, 2 grandsons, a niece and nephew in the military,
and one daughter and her husband that were in the military.
Two of them are now stationed over seas.
To show her support she wanted a large yellow bow
tied to a tree in her yard.

I decided to make her a wreath instead,
to either use on her door or on a tree.
I used an old flag (tea stained), a large metal star, yellow ribbon and a large wreath.
The flag was not cotton, so the tea did not absorb well.
I wrapped the flag around the wreath twice.
It was important to me for the stars to show, as well as the stripes.

Once I got the flag like I wanted, I began gluing it, so it would not move.

Next, I placed the star where I wanted it and
looped wire through the hanging tab and wired to the wreath.

I also used the same wire and wrapped it around the 'bunch of flag'
on the back of the wreath.

I also glued the star into place so it would not move when hung.

I took the yellow ribbon (stiff netting) and made loops.

I wired them together to make a bow.

I wanted longer tails, so cut and added more ribbon to the bow.

It was just tails, I did not add more loops.

The bow was then added to the bottom of the wreath,
but you can place it on the wreath wherever you would like.

 So,  my mother now has a patriotic wreath and her yellow ribbon.
A perfect 4th of July wreath.
P.S.  One disclaimer,  from here on out, I am doing my craftwork in front of a mirror.
I cannot believe the faces I am making.  CRAZY!!!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family..... Priceless

This past year has been a little more than I could handle.

Without going into detail, let me just say, I was overwhelmed......

So, I came down to my parent's home;  which is a place of rest and refuge for me.

While down here, I wanted to work to finish a quilt for my daughter's graduation.

Unfortunately, it was for my daughter's high school graduation.....

and she just graduated COLLEGE!!!  I am definitely a little behind.....

So, during my hiatus...  my mom, dad,  sister, and I worked to finish

what I believe can be a work of art.

Even though.... I consider what I do a 'work of love'.
While sewing, I am praying and loving my children....

Our manner of organization:
My sister would thread all the needles, 
my mom and I sewed the edge,
and my dad 'yarn tied' the squares,
(which was the way most of the quilts were done when he was a boy)....
and we  wanted to add family history to this quilt.

Because of the pricelessness of family, to me...
I want to remind each person to not take your family for granted,
In light of what has and is continuing to happen in Oklahoma....

take some time to let your family know you appreciate them.

Love them, hug them, and if needed.... forgive them.

Life is too short to not make your family, your haven...

As I head back home tomorrow, I can say, my family has been a part of my healing...