Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Duct Tape and Pumpkins!

My oldest daughter lives in the big city of Columbus,
She is a city-slicker!

So I wanted to make her a dignified pumpkin...
You can have carved pumpkins.....
Painted pumpkins.....
and.... glittered pumpkins

But she needed something... hmmm... city-fied!
So of course, I picked out duct tape (for my dignified pumpkin)....
and a matching duct sheet.
I cut out a letter C, for her name, and outlined it with a black sharpie.
Then, I made my strip of duct tape narrower
 and placed it around the bottom of the pumpkin.
Next, I  put on the letter C,
And made a black and orange bow to put on top.
Now, my city slicker child has a pumpkin worthy of Columbus.
There are soooo many different things that can be done to pumpkins.
I want to try drilling the holes in one so the candle light shines out.
What are some of your thoughts?
Let me know what you have tried.


  1. Love the idea, it's very pretty! Anita

    1. thank you, it was fun and easy, with no innard mess! :)

  2. I like smashing them all up and cooking them...it's all about food :)

  3. Well. If you decorate it with the duct tape. You can always use the pumpkins at a later date


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