Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dollar Store Glitz

Add Dollar Store Pumpkin, glitter, glue and an ADD person.....
and what do you get.....
a glitter pumpkin.
My precious friend, Cindy,
the one who helped my son make my laundry detergent,
came over and we decorated pumpkins with glitter.
The only problem is I am ADD
Most of the time, I concentrate, work slowly and methodically.
But today.....  I don't know what happened.
 Cindy carefully places the glue on her pumpkin...
And I just globbed mine on....
I had so much glue on mine...  it was still wet this morning.
But it was fun!
After we decorated the real pumpkins,
we decorated our Dollar Store Pumpkins, with Dollar Store glitter.
Again,  Cindy carefully places her glue, and only uses a single color...
And I just globbed mine on... and mixed all the colors.
And.... It was fun.
We then celebrated with Chocolate Cake.
Yum! Yum!!
And this was definitely fun!
My Dollar Store Pumpkin, and my glittery results.
Cindy's Dollar Store Pumpkin, and her glittery results

No Matter your personality, no matter your decorating style

Come together and Have fun!


  1. Ha! We are on the same wave length! Too funny. I literally just posted my Dollar Store Pumpkin post. Think we are sisters? ; ) Cute pumpkins! I can just imagine the glitter showing up everywhere! Love, Rebecca

    1. yes, we are sisters, and you are my inspiration... Love you Catrina

  2. Yes Rebecca, there was glitter everywhere! Everywhere on Catrina! Lol! Thank you Catrina, I love our time together.

    1. I love our time together also, and glad you are willing to jump in with me....


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