Saturday, September 7, 2013

What is important

You just never know when life can spin out of control,
and the unexpected happens.
  My Dad was rushed to the hospital with the main artery in his leg completely blocked.
  While the Doctor worked to save his leg and foot, our family drew together.
 Through heart failure, hallucinations, excruciating pain and uncertainty...
our family was a constant.
 If for some reason your family is not this way....
 Figure out what it will take to make it that way.
 And do your best.
 Don't hold grudges,
 be willing to forgive,
And let things go.
Life is too short.


  1. Well said, Catrina. I'm continuing to pray for your dad and your family. I trust he will have a full recovery!

    1. Thank you jackie, prayers is what makes the difference

  2. The picture of Rebecca and Uncle Don made me cry. So sweet, you can see the worry and concern and the love for him from her.
    Great Blog

    1. It is my favorite picture, also. And i am blessed to have parents tgat feel that way about each other


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