Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cords, cords, and cords

Another post on Cords!!!
You can check out an earlier post about the same thing I hate cords!

I am still not completely happy....
but it is better than it was before.

So, until I can do it as I want.....
It will be hidden by the pitcher.

Any other ideas?
There is a register underneath,  so it has to be kept pretty open.....
Would love your input!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I need your help!

Ladies,  I found this table....
Well, a precious friend found it for me!
and I just love it....
But I have never ever seen one like this before.

It is all metal and glass...
the black is glass with a picture under it...

Excuse the mess,  but I have not gotten it completely cleaned up
and put in the right place yet.
but I wanted your help to know about this table.....
It is so unique!

Have you seen a table like this before????
Do you know anything about it??????
I love it, and would love to know how you would go about using it,
so others can share in its beauty?

But I hate the cords!!!!  Look at a previous post about cords to see what I do!


Two things I have learned while doing this post.
1. Clean first, and
2.  The table may be upside down, or turned around.
 What do you think???
Talk to me ladies,  I need ideas.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Healthy is a Choice

Every since I have had babies, I have struggled with my weight!
If I was a blame shifter, I would try to blame them....
but they are not the ones putting the food in my mouth! :)  I am!
But I have realized in the last few years, I 'just don't feel good'.
I know some of this is due, in part, to my weight and exercise habits,
but it is also due to poor nutrition.
So, I set a goal for myself that I would begin my day with nutrition.
I started with the 'Dr. Oz' shake that included:  Chia Seeds, Milled Flax seed,
Psyllium, fruit juice, fruit and Protein.
Wait!!!  is that chocolate donuts, I see!!!!
I didn't mean to put that in there!  :) 
Seriously though,  I knew I needed the yogurt (and I do not like yogurt),
cinnamon (metabolizing sugar), and Acai juice (all over health).
I took the healthy things and made them into a fruit smoothie in the morning,
and every morning.

I Drink it while I am studying the word, organizing the day and checking out facebook!
But!  If I had to mix all of that every morningI wouldn't!
I know me,  I wouldn't do it.
So I came up with a way to fix it once and have at least two weeks worth prepared.

I put a days worth of ingredients in a snack size ziploc bag!
Yay! Me!
Beginning with a scoop of protein,  and I use the Visalus shake mix....
followed by a tablespoon of chia seed.....
And two tablespoons of Milled Flax seed....
Use the milled because of the naturalness of it
as well as whole flax can flush out of your system without ever breaking down...
I also squirt in a generous helping of cinnamon,
and break open a psyllium hulls capsule in sprinkle in bag...
Once this is done, I seal the bag and store in the refridgerator...
To make my shake, I pour about a cup to 2 cup of juice in blender,
Add about a tablespoon of yogurt,
Squirt in about a teaspoon of acai juice,
add fruit of choice (frozen fruit from grocery works great, or fresh fruit),
a couple of ice cubes and blend!
and Wah Lah!  Health in a glass!
This can even be done with milk and peanut butter...
yum yum! 
What are some things you would addTry it and let me know what you think!!!

Blessings to your health,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Can You Relate???

I began this blog for myself and for others....
to see that we each can go through similar circumstances,
and not have to feel alone.
But I really need to share here,
right now I am feeling like no one else is experiencing
what I have experienced.
Please share with me your thoughts.
my precious, playing Bubba Willie Nelson, during our community Valentine's Banquet,
( I know, poor quality, but had to share)
Bubba and his rappin' white boys!!!
Can anyone relate???
Does anyone feel my pain????
Or are you laughing as all the others do, including myself???
Tell me!  Be Honest!!! Can you relate??
He brings life to our community, and I am proud of him.
But for me,  this is truly the man!
My Best Friend and the Love of my Life!
Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sentimental gift for your Valentine

My 'adopted' daughter....
you met her in Precious,  she made me the soap!
Well, she calls me and wants to make her sweetheart a valentine....
She has the ability to do the work without my help..
But sometimes she just likes this mother's encouragment.
So, she started with a plain glass she bought for $1.29.
Washed and dried, and with a cutie pie looking on!
She used paint pens, some were elmer's and some were other brands...
And she began writing descriptive words .....
her 'cutie pie' suggested messy....  but precious went with 'positive' words....
Once she completed the words she wanted, she baked it.
She placed the glass in the oven before she turned on the heat to 300 degrees.
The glass needed to bake for 20 minutes..
and then you remove from oven and let cool completely.
and WAH LAH,  a personal valentine's day gift.....
What an great idea she had.
This is an excellent idea for making personal gifts...
 birthdays (their achievements for the past year)
Anniversary (loving things about the person)
friendships (activities with the friend)
children (different sports they have participated in).
So many ideas.....
What are some of your ideas?????
BUT!!!!  Before I close this out, I need to share bloopers!!
                             Oh no,  not again

YIKES!  Not on the table too!
"All this glass and I get paint on the wood
Haha, too funny.

Precious may be what I call Cindy,  but precious is also what describes her!
She is far more precious than a table....
and I love sharing my life, and my table, with her.  :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

the many faces of 'scarves'

This past month,  I was at Liberty University
taking a week long class to work towards my Master's Degree.
While there, Milagros and I played with her scarf to see different ways we could tie it.
I am going to share this picture first,
Because it is the only one where she is looking at me and smiling....
We were playing and trying to hurry,

(we had class work to do)

so some of the pictures leave alot to be desired!

But!  we were having fun....

and we are just who we are....

so I thought I would still share.

(notice the teacher in the background?)
Milagros' face in this one cracks me up!
But just wanted to show you the same scarf tied multiple ways,
and I wanted to show you my beautiful friend.
do you have a unique way you wrap your scarf?
I would love it if you would let me know how.
Until next time......
sorry for the blur!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Valentine!

I bet you think I don't have anything to do....
All I do is crafts, moving stuff around, and tying scarves.
But really!  it is what I do so I don't have to do what I need to do, which is school work!
So.... to avoid psychopathologies,
I made another valentine door hanging!
my niece was my photographer again....
see her sweet reflection in the glass?
I began with a heart shaped wreath,
lilies of the valley,
and 3 yard of red, glittery netting.
the pictures do not do the netting justice in how glittery and pretty it is...
so you will just have to trust me.  hee hee
To begin, you start weaving the netting through the wire that holds the wreath together.
I know, I know,  my nails need redone! 
Aren't they awful!?
Just close your eyes... and you cannot see how bad they are.
Once weaved through, I tied a bow.
I then cut apart the lilies and began glueing them behind the bow,
and to the actual wreath.
Okay,  just a disclaimer here, 
 I was at my mom's and she thinks I am beautiful
no matter what my hair looks like!
If I had been at my sister's,
 she would have quickly told me to fix my hair and suck in my stomach!
another angle shot from my precious photographer
Doing crafts are a stress reliever for me, and I love it.....
so a valentine gift for my mother, and my stress is relieved!

Undo and Redo

My life has been in an uproar
and the way I deal with stress is...
  change, change and more change!
But the kind of change I love!
Since I have gotten all the new I am allowed to get....
I needed to see how to redo the old.

So, I began to look around my house and
 see what I could find to do different.

Notice the hutch in the back ground....
This picture is from an earlier post.....  Drop Ins
and a  picture of the hutch  in the post of Precious
I found what I was going to make different....
   I needed to change it up in my 'nest'
and change it up I did!
I took the top off of the hutch.....
and added a lamp.
Then, I  brought in a picture and shelf......
added a plaque from my family room....
 an H from my living room....
and the red berries off the dining room table.....
and Wah Lah!!!!
Change I love!
and from the front door angle......
I felt moving furniture around is a better change

than some other things I could have chosen to change.
Well, my weight is one thing I would like to change,
but the furniture was easier!

Besides, it was all free and made me 'change' happy.
My life is getting ready to change more...
and the new change is not going to be as fun!
But that is for another day....