Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cords, cords, and cords

Another post on Cords!!!
You can check out an earlier post about the same thing I hate cords!

I am still not completely happy....
but it is better than it was before.

So, until I can do it as I want.....
It will be hidden by the pitcher.

Any other ideas?
There is a register underneath,  so it has to be kept pretty open.....
Would love your input!




  1. Unfortunately no advice on cords, but I do love the chair! ;)

    1. A special friend gave that to me. Thank you

  2. Attach a power strip to the backside of the table or one of the legs with zip ties. Use zip ties to attach all the other cables together and to the back of the table. That puts all the 'lines' of the table plus the cords in the same horizontal and vertical axis', making your eye less likely to see them, if they're noticed at all. I clean up wiring on a daily basis inside server racks, casework, desks, under counters, etc. It's a part of being a low-voltage tech. Check this out:


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