Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sentimental gift for your Valentine

My 'adopted' daughter....
you met her in Precious,  she made me the soap!
Well, she calls me and wants to make her sweetheart a valentine....
She has the ability to do the work without my help..
But sometimes she just likes this mother's encouragment.
So, she started with a plain glass she bought for $1.29.
Washed and dried, and with a cutie pie looking on!
She used paint pens, some were elmer's and some were other brands...
And she began writing descriptive words .....
her 'cutie pie' suggested messy....  but precious went with 'positive' words....
Once she completed the words she wanted, she baked it.
She placed the glass in the oven before she turned on the heat to 300 degrees.
The glass needed to bake for 20 minutes..
and then you remove from oven and let cool completely.
and WAH LAH,  a personal valentine's day gift.....
What an great idea she had.
This is an excellent idea for making personal gifts...
 birthdays (their achievements for the past year)
Anniversary (loving things about the person)
friendships (activities with the friend)
children (different sports they have participated in).
So many ideas.....
What are some of your ideas?????
BUT!!!!  Before I close this out, I need to share bloopers!!
                             Oh no,  not again

YIKES!  Not on the table too!
"All this glass and I get paint on the wood
Haha, too funny.

Precious may be what I call Cindy,  but precious is also what describes her!
She is far more precious than a table....
and I love sharing my life, and my table, with her.  :)


  1. All that work and i get home and realize i forgot an important word for him! Maybe i can add it later, haha! Love you!


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