Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I need your help!

Ladies,  I found this table....
Well, a precious friend found it for me!
and I just love it....
But I have never ever seen one like this before.

It is all metal and glass...
the black is glass with a picture under it...

Excuse the mess,  but I have not gotten it completely cleaned up
and put in the right place yet.
but I wanted your help to know about this table.....
It is so unique!

Have you seen a table like this before????
Do you know anything about it??????
I love it, and would love to know how you would go about using it,
so others can share in its beauty?

But I hate the cords!!!!  Look at a previous post about cords to see what I do!


Two things I have learned while doing this post.
1. Clean first, and
2.  The table may be upside down, or turned around.
 What do you think???
Talk to me ladies,  I need ideas.


  1. I think if it's worth anything I want it back :) JUST KIDDING! My mom said it would make a great plant table. I agree!

  2. I think looks like a beverage station. Bottles on the bottom shelf; glassware on the top.

    1. I can see where it could be that. It is so unique

  3. I would guess its purpose was a coffee or tea serving table? Maybe a butler table? Now you could use it in other ways. Bathroom...towels on bottom-brushes, lotions,make-up on top! Bedroom... as a night stand books on bottom & lamp on top! Living room...sofa table!


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