Saturday, March 2, 2013

Unfinished Project, Do You Have Them??

Have you ever started a project and have not completed it???
Join the crowd......
(before you start, poor quality pictures,  but a fun night!  had to share)
So have we!!!!!
We are all working to make a rug....
out of towels.....
or old t-shirts........
You cut small strips and loop them through the rug shape...
and tie them or leave them plain.

Welp!!!!  The night ended and we all still have 98%
of our rugs to finish!!
Yep!  We still have the goal to finish them,
but as Beth said that night.....
Her's will be a graduation present for her 13 year old son!
Such a fun group and a fun night.
Have you ever had a craft night with your friends?
We have a lady in our group that faithfully plans them for us....
with food
It is fun, and may be something you may want to start!


  1. Looks like fun!!! I wish I lived closer. I love crafts! You all need rotary cutters,you could cut your fabric in half the time or less. :-)

    1. What is awful, I have one and forgot to take it. But truly didn't forget, I didn't even think about it. but it is fun. 2 hours of talking, laughing and food. How special is that?


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