Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family..... Priceless

This past year has been a little more than I could handle.

Without going into detail, let me just say, I was overwhelmed......

So, I came down to my parent's home;  which is a place of rest and refuge for me.

While down here, I wanted to work to finish a quilt for my daughter's graduation.

Unfortunately, it was for my daughter's high school graduation.....

and she just graduated COLLEGE!!!  I am definitely a little behind.....

So, during my hiatus...  my mom, dad,  sister, and I worked to finish

what I believe can be a work of art.

Even though.... I consider what I do a 'work of love'.
While sewing, I am praying and loving my children....

Our manner of organization:
My sister would thread all the needles, 
my mom and I sewed the edge,
and my dad 'yarn tied' the squares,
(which was the way most of the quilts were done when he was a boy)....
and we  wanted to add family history to this quilt.

Because of the pricelessness of family, to me...
I want to remind each person to not take your family for granted,
In light of what has and is continuing to happen in Oklahoma....

take some time to let your family know you appreciate them.

Love them, hug them, and if needed.... forgive them.

Life is too short to not make your family, your haven...

As I head back home tomorrow, I can say, my family has been a part of my healing...


  1. Beautiful words, beautiful family, beautiful quilt, beautiful memories, beautiful you!

  2. Love this and love you!


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