Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Make sure you wear clean underwear.....

My Day did not begin as any other...
My day began by being one child short in my home

this is my baby boy  he left my home on monday night

for the airforce....  he flew out yesterday

for Lackland Air Force Base.

(We are not always serious!! )

Yesterday,  my heart swelled with pride as I listen to him repeat

his desire and promise to serve our country

and maintain our freedoms.

That's my boy!

a closer look to make sure you weren't confused as to who was mine...

So, I knew this mama needed something...

my first desire was to curl up in a ball under a warm blanket

and read a book......

but....  I am now working and that wouldn't have worked...

so,  I did what all good people do!

I got dressed up... at first I wanted to just get dressed but

knew I was fighting mind games...

so dress up I did.  It is proven to help you feel better.

(Don't look at the toenails)

Our mamas warned us about putting on clean underwear...

but I think we also need to work on the outside also.....

The outside is what others see,  but it is also what we glimpse in a glass

or in the bathroom mirror.....
so dress up,  dress to show the world you are okay...

Alot of people think that if you dress for comfort

it will help you feel better.  But what it does, is help you feel comfortable...

to feel better, you need to dress better.....

(don't look at the agespots)

In so many ways we play mind games with ourselves,

so we might as well use good mindgames.

I may have needed heels, but at least the shoes matched the top.

(my special occasion soap)

so when life knocks the breath out of you,

or drops you to your knees,

or just hurts your heart.

Fight it from the outside in.....

Dress up,  add the bling,  put on the spritz,

and feel better.




  1. Thanks for sharing this....I will remember to pray for "little" Caleb....because that's how I remember him....Tristan's little buddy:) Remember my Brittany? She is married to an Air Force man and stationed in Fairborn, Ohio with their four children. "Freeman", as he's known in the USAF was just promoted to Master Sargent this week after only 10 years of being in the Air Force, which is quite an accomplishment for a 27 year old. We are all very proud of him for his commitment to our country and protecting our freedom. You have every right to be proud of Caleb! Please keep me posted on his activities so I know how to pray. Our young men and women in the military have a very special place in my heart and I promise to pray faithfully for your baby boy. Love you.

  2. Thank you so much, Jill. and How could I forget??? such a special time in my life and developement. I will be praying for your family as well, and how proud you must be. Love you my friend

  3. Hi Catrina!
    I am not on facebook much but happened to see that you had started a blog and got curious! Reading about your son heading off to Lackland took me back to the ville! My last semester there, Brent was at Lackland in OT school! Now our youngest son is headed to Cedarville in the fall and doing army ROTC! Maybe someday our paths will cross! I am doing postgrad studies with Liberty as well!:) I enjoyed your blogposts! encouraging, fun and down to earth! Take care,


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