Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freedom and what it looks like

This blog will be a little different but

because of my husband being a pastor,

I want to share.....

The freedoms in our country  are so important to me...

so that is why I am sharing

this particular day with you.

Today,  is our National Day of Prayer.

This is the park, in our community, where many

volunteers go to read the Bible completely

through in three days.

And yes,  it is a public square and right across

from our courthouse.

Our National Day of Prayer began back in 1775

with the Continental Congress

asking for the colonies to pray

for wisdom in forming our  nation.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln

proclaimed a day of

"humiliation, fasting and prayer".

It wasn't until 1952, with Harry S. Truman,

the National Day of Prayer was signed into law,

and not until 1988,  Ronald Reagan designated the 

1st Thursday of May as the annual

observance of this holiday.

All of this said because I want to remember myself....

 I am entrusted with so many freedoms,

with the biggest being the freedom to live in this country

that allows my freedoms.

I don't ever want to take them for granted

or neglect them,  they are gifts to me.

Treasure them.......




  1. I am impressed beyond words that your community will/can stand on the green and read the Bible for 3 straight days. My church family is an outreach family, in every way, but that has never been attempted here. We participate in the National Day of Prayer, but I don't know that this has ever been considered. Sending this to my pastor :-)

  2. It is an amazing opportunity! While I was reading, I would watch the people walking around the town and was hoping what we read made a difference. Even though I was reading out of Deuteronomy :)


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