Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Burn the flag?

This beautiful symbol stands for the home of the free

this symbol represents the United States of America...

For the first time ever, I was able to be apart

of a Flag Retirement Ceremony.

It was one of the most fascinating things...

People could bring their old flags in

and they would be disposed of properly.

To begin the process...

flags were brought in and the request to burn was given...

The men then took the individual flag and

requested permission to 'retire' the flag.

They approached the higher ranking officials

and were asked what the flag was used for....

The men answered the flag was used to fly

representing our country and its freedom.

The men inspected it and declared it had served its purpose

and was ready for retirement. 

The flag was then presented for retirement

All the while the bugler was playing.....

And then,  the flag was retired....

"Proudly it waves, old glory,  over the land of the free...."

If you ever have the chance to attend a flag retirement, 

do not pass it up.....

It is something you will not soon forget...

Or you can also plan to have one your self

 and you can find information at




  1. That is VERY interesting! I think more people should know about this. Thank you for posting it. Was Danielle the bugler? Love, Reb

    1. yes, she was ask to be a part of the ceremony. to make sure there are not mistakes, the bugle has a player inside it, all she had to do was turn it on. At most military funerals, the bugle is a mechanical one. But I thought she looked pretty cute myself.

  2. I've heard of flags being retired, but never knew the process!! The honor being shown in the pictures gives me the chills!! I'm going to find one near us so we can take our kiddos..I think we all need to see this!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! :)

    1. it was very touching and showed true reverence for the American flag. There are other ways to dispose of the flag, they can take the stripes apart and burn them first, etc. If you can find one, it is nice to at least see it one time. I am thankful I had the opportunity.


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