Friday, June 22, 2012

Lion, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

You will recognize this beautiful girl as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

She was caught in a tornado and twisted and turned and swirled around until she landed in the beautiful land of Oz.
I am now Dorothy...

I twisted, turned and swirled and ended up in the computer world of blogging.

I have lost My Courage,  My Thoughts, and My heart!

I began blogging in a whirlwind and loved it.

I am now setting here thinking,  what was I thinking,  I can't do this.

My method of writing is boring,  my thoughts are so simplistic and uninteresting,  I can't do this.

I don't know how to write exciting and full of humor,  I can't do this.

There are 9 million bloggers in the world,  what do I think I am doing,  I can't do this.

Then!  I remembered I had not lost my heart!

I still have a heart that wants to encourage

I still have a heart that wants to relate to others,

I still have a heart that wants to teach

I still have a heart that wants to share my life with others, so they can see they are not alone

that we are in this big ole world together.

I still have my heart.......  I can do this.......

But I need your help

You will be  the Good Witch that helps me find my way back home

You all can help me with all of this, my Good Witches......You are so knowledgeable and have insight that I don't have.

I would love if each of you that read this just share 1 idea.... maybe on how I could improve my pictures....

on how I could improve my manner of writing..... what you would like to see more written about....

maybe something that was a question for you, that you can teach me...

So what if I don't know how to touch up my pictures.....  I will learn....

So what if I don't have all the glamorous word techniques....  I am okay....

So what if I don't even know how to work my blog site.......  I will learn....

I still have my heart!




  1. I will tell you that I chuckled when you said you could not work your blog site. I would not have the slightest idea on how to do it. I have a hard time posting a comment! So you are far ahead of me!!

  2. thank you Sonja, I am fighting to learn it. but am going to keep trying

  3. Hey Girfriend, I love your new blog. You have the heart and that is the important part. I have a blog too that I started trying to work on. I have all the same feelings about it that you have. We just have to keep trying and learning. I did want to share about a free editing site called You may already know about it.......I found it to be very user friendly. I use a different editing program for my business photo editing, but found picmonkey something fun and quick to use for blog pictures. You can add all kinds of frames to you pictures, and watermarks, text, adjust brightness, and a bunch of other stuff. If you know about it already just ignore this jabber talk...:) Look forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn. Your response was really encouraging. I have begun to use picmonkey, but it is still so confusing, but I am going to continue working on it.

  4. I can relate!! I've often sat and wondered what it is I'm trying to say...what is my voice on my blog?? I've taken long breaks because I'm not sure what it is I'm trying to do on the blog...crafts, family, me??? I've had several identity crises on my blog for sure!! lol!!!

    Then, I realized it is the one place where I can be me! I can say exactly what I would like to say on whatever strikes my fickle fancy!! :) I tend to be quiet in person and I finally found a place where I can feel comfortable just talk!!

    And, I've learned along the way what draws me to blogs and they tend to be like mine...little bits about everything!! Projects, thoughts,!! The projects drew me into Rebecca's blog, but it was her being real that kept me coming the projects are a bonus!! :)

    I'm drawn to your blog because you are being you. Of course we all filter out certain things..and that is the way it should be...but what you do share you share honestly and you have a fun sense of humor!! :) Family, life, God are things that we can all relate to and it's encouraging to find others out there, people we would never meet in real life, sharing thoughts and ideas!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura. Your response is so encouraging. so encouraging. I can do this.


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