Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the beginning of canning season

Today,  I went to the Best yard sale ever!!!

In fact,  the signs directing you to the yardsale read:  Fantasy Yard Sale.....  and it was.

I found this gorgeous table  and my first thought was to use it as an island in my kitchen....

My husband just gave me the,  'You have lost your mind'  look!


I had been given some cucumbers....  and they were needing to be processed......

Soooooo.........  The table stayed in the kitchen and became my canning station......

Cut the cucumbers up....  covered them in pickling juice....  processed the jars in boil bath.........


Used the table as a canning station!

I love it!!!!!!!!

Still need to fix the lack of drawer,  but hey,  that will come.....

AFTER canning season.




  1. Dear sis, Table needs to leave your home and come live in mine. : ) Love it and LOVE your pickles! Paint the bottom red and distress! What is the top?

  2. I was thinking that also, but think you and Dow need to take a road trip and come do it for me. I will fix hamburgers on the grill and share my pickles

  3. Love it! I knew you would leave that yard sale with a treasure! C

  4. There were so many treasures to choose from!! It was a hard choice!

  5. Love the table, and the pickles. Did you use alum in the recipe?

    1. I actually used a mix this time. I love Mrs. Wages and it makes it soooooo easy.


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