Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Priscilla's Pen?

I am sure you are wondering

where in the world did the name Priscilla's Pen come from.

I will just start off by saying it was something

I had thought of a long time ago,

but never had the courage to use.

Truly,  it was a 'name' that began for me about 25 years ago.

This is my best friend, Steve,

and we have been married for about 30 years.

I know, you're thinking 'so what does this have to do

with Priscilla's Pen'.

Well, my best friend is also a pastor of a church,

or truly, this man is a shepherd of his flock;

he takes care of his people.

I are still wondering,

so what does this have to do with Priscilla?

Well, in the Bible there is only one mention 

 of a Preacher's wife.

Her name was Priscilla, and she was the wife of Aquilla,

 who had a church  in their home.

She was the first ever, preacher's wife.

So when looking for the name of:

 number 1:  a newsletter (that I never had the courage to do)

 and number 2:  this blog (that my sister has given me the courage to do), 

 Priscilla's Pen came to my mind.

Why?  Because 25 years ago, my husband left the business

world to begin his life as a pastor.

So yep!  that is when

I began to be a pastor's wife,

hence, Priscilla.

So, as Paul Harvey said,  now you know the rest of the story.....



  1. Oh, that explains it! Makes sense.

  2. Love it. & I never knew that about Priscilla in the Bible..
    Thanks for sharing.....

  3. Thank you, Kathy. It is one of those things that can stay hidden in the bible. Blessings to you. Catrina


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