Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Day for Mother's

My Grandmother always held the day of Mother's Day

as the most important in her year.
(A candy bar brought by a friend,
 to help this mother survive the first day of her child at bootcamp)
It wasn't her birthday,  but it was the day that

was recognized by the whole country,
as a day set aside to honor mothers.
You could forget her birthday, but don't you dare forget Mother's Day.

(these are what two of my babies made for me years ago).
Now my Grandma did not require a Rolex,
or a new car,  she just wanted to be remembered on "her"day.
(A bundle of flowers my youngest daughter brought to me).
This is my encouragement to you and to myself. 
Remember your mother...
You may not have had the most perfect childhood....
or your mother may not have always been there for you.....

but she is still your mother.
(a ring, two of my babies went together to get me.  $9.99)

When you remember her,  don't look for appreciation or a positive response,

Honor her, because it is the right thing for you to do, for you.

( a gift my daughter gave me)
If you can buy her a gift,  do it!
If you can't, don't let the day go by...
weed her flower bed...  plant her some flowers...
do her laundry..... wash her windows.....

find her love language,  focus on what she likes,

and honor her with all your heart.



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